What is MockCasper?

Developed by Canadian doctors, MockCasper provides web-based simulations to help medical school applicants prepare for the real CASPer - the Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal characteristics that all applicants to the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University are required to complete as part of the selection process.

For more information on CASPer, please go to their official website: http://fhs.mcmaster.ca/mdprog/casper.html

Are you affiliated with McMaster Medical School or CASPer?

No, we are NOT affiliated with McMaster Medical School or CASPer in any way, shape or form.

Why should I take a practice CASPer?

Your CASPer score is 32% of your pre-interview score at McMaster Med School. Needless to say, performing well on CASPer is extremely important at giving you a shot at getting in.

With over 4500 applicants every year, getting into McMaster Med School isn't getting any easier. On top of that, you get only one shot at CASPer every year. We believe you should make that shot count.

As with anything, the more you practice the better you will probably be. But it's hard to practice something like CASPer on your own - so let us make it easy for you. Here at MockCasper, we simulate CASPer for you so that you can practice as if it were real.

How similar is MockCasper to the format of the real CASPer?

We have done our best to make our MockCasper simulations as similar to the real CASPer as possible using the information they have made publicly available. Of course, as we are not involved with the actual group at McMaster that designs and administers CASPer, we cannot be sure how closely our mock simulation will mimic the real CASPer. That said, the overall feedback we have received from previous applicants is that MockCasper was useful for the real CASPer.

One key difference is that we use text-based scenarios instead of video-based scenarios. Our opinion is that the important aspect is analyzing the content of the scenario, and that the method of delivering the scenario (i.e. text vs video) is not particularly crucial.

I have seen other groups offering mock simulations for CASPer - why should I work with you and not them?

We are aware of other groups offering mock CASPer simulations. Often times, these services are provided by individuals who are not doctors themselves and have not even gotten into medical school. While you are of course free to obtain services from whoever you please, we believe our insight as Canadian doctors has been extremely valuable in designing our mock simulations.

I'm not sure if I want to purchase a MockCasper exam just yet. Is there a way I could try it out?

Of course! To let you try things out, we have provided a Sample MockCasper section, so you can see how it would work. Just make sure you register an account first.

Okay, I like what I see and would like to purchase a MockCasper exam package. What do I do?

Great! First you must Register an account and be logged in. Then head over to the Practice Exams page, select the exam package you desire, and make your payment. Once payment is confirmed, you will have access to your exams through your account on our website.

How do I know the purchase process is safe?

All purchases are made using Stripe, one of the leading electronic payment companies in the world for making online transactions.

When do I get my exam and how do I access it?

Once Stripe confirms your purchase, you will automatically get access to your exams. While you are logged in on the MockCasper website, go to the top right hand menu. Click your "Account Name", and then "My Exams" in the drop down menu.

If you have any problems accessing your exams, please send us an email at [email protected]

How do I view my answers?

While you are logged in on the MockCasper website, go to the top right hand menu. Click your "Account Name", and then "My Exams" in the drop down menu. All your finished exams can be viewed here

How many times can I take a practice exam?

In order to prevent piracy and account sharing, each practice exam can only be taken once.

I started my practice exam but had to leave / something screwed up / etc. What do I do?

Please send us an email at [email protected] if this happens. Exams must be completed in one sitting - you cannot save an exam mid-way and continue later.

Do you provide feedback for our practice exam answers?

At this time, we do not provide any direct feedback on your answers. You may view your answers afterwards for self review.